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Yahoo Enters Content Biz

MediaPost reports that Yahoo has announced a leap into original content, featuring former war reporter Kevin Sites.

Sites, a veteran of CNN and NBC, plans to leave for Africa on
Wednesday. He will spend the next year traveling to 36 war-torn corners
of the world, and reporting on how current events affect people’s lives.  … Sites intends to post daily stories starting Sept. 26 on a blog-like
site ("We’re avoiding the word ‘blog’," Budde told the crowd), and will
be able to include video footage, photos, live video and audio feeds,
and written text. The idea is to package news in a way that’s palatable
to those in the 18- to-34-year-old range, Moore said.

Yahoo also promoted the equipment Sites would use (including an Apple laptop and a Sony camcorder), raising questions as to the role that ads and sponsorship might play in the content. 

But what sponsor would want to be featured in war coverage? Imagine: "I filmed the footage of the carnage on the battlefield using my Sony handheld, which rendered tremendous color footage of the gory remains."

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