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Monday Reading List

I’m experimenting with a new way of sharing some of the interesting articles I’m reading from around the web. These links will show up in real time (or nearly so) in the sidebar of Pardon the Disruption at, but I also plan to batch them up and post them here for those of you who may not constantly check my web site.

Let me know what you think.

Eric Schmidt on Where Google Is Headed (Aug 10, 2009)

No Man’s Blog – The problem(s) with social media monitoring technologies (Aug 10, 2009)

Twitter’s platform shortcomings (Aug 10, 2009)

Bloglines On Life Support. This Story Needs An Ending (Aug 10, 2009)

Untapped Opportunity to Engage High Dollar Nonprofit Donors via Social (Aug 10, 2009)

Influencers: Don’t Call Them ‘Bloggers’ (Aug 10, 2009)

Why Blogging Is Like Running for Small Business Owners (Aug 10, 2009)

Public Relations Pros Must Be Social Media Ready (Aug 10, 2009)

PR and advertising are at a crossroads (Aug 10, 2009)

How I Learned To Quit The iPhone And Love Google Voice (Aug 10, 2009)

The Case Against Apple Is Just As Much A Case For Apple (Aug 10, 2009)

Ideas for Hotels and Hospitality (Aug 10, 2009)

What Do You Get Him For His Birthday? (Aug 10, 2009)

USAA Bank Will Let Customers Deposit Checks by iPhone (Aug 10, 2009)

Publicis Acquires Razorfish From Microsoft for $530 Million (Aug 9, 2009)

Time Use Survey ~ How Americans Slice The Day (Aug 9, 2009)

Make Sure You Avoid this Online Branding Fiasco (Aug 9, 2009)

New book on Professional Services Marketing (Aug 9, 2009)

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