I help PR & marketing agencies achieve their goals.

I work with PR and marketing agency owners to help them achieve their goals. I share my experience from two decades of running successful communications businesses.

Many agency owners are accidental entrepreneurs. They make decisions based on inertia. They imitate what it appears everyone else is doing. They do the things they think are expected of them.

Eventually, I learned that the best decisions are made when you understand why you are making them. I discovered that if I knew what I really wanted to achieve, I could reach my goals. I decided that my business needed to work for me – not the other way around.

Some people call me a coach or mentor. I describe myself as a confidential sounding board and advisor.

How do I know? Because I made those mistakes myself.

I help agencies grow revenue, improve profitability, and manage talent. I ask a lot of questions and help agencies put the right processes and people in place.

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