Chip Griffin hosts conversations with PR and marketing professionals, journalists, and other experts about business, communications, and technology.

CWC 19: Craig Carroll on corporate reputation and measurement

Craig Carroll, Executive Director of the OCR Network, joins Chip to discuss corporate reputation and the measurement and evaluation of corporate communications.

CWC 18: Jason Booms on how primary research can help communicators

Listen to Jason Booms for a definition of terms related to primary research, information about how online polls can be useful, and how to combine media analysis with primary research to make data-driven decisions.

CWC 17: Ann McCain on hiring and working with millennial PR professionals

Ann McCain discusses the differences between Millennials and previous generations, tactics to implement Millennial talent, and tips on hiring these younger professionals.

CWC 16: Patrick Rogan on strategies to hire and retain talent in the PR industry

Patrick Rogan, founder of IgnitionHR, discusses talent acquisition and retention in the PR industry.

CWC 15: Joe Thornley on Evolution of the PR Business

Chip and Joe discuss the business side of communications, as well as how the changing landscape of digital transformation and workplace trends affects the communications industry.

CWC 14: Scott Monty on building a consultancy to manage digital transformation

Chip and Scott have a conversation about consultancy and collaborative work to manage digital transformation

CWC 13: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

Chip has a conversation about internal communications and measurement with Ryan Williams, a partner with Tekara Effectiveness.

CWC 12: Terry Flannery on Higher Ed Communications and Marketing

Terry Flannery, Vice President for Communication at American University, joined Chip to discuss communication and marketing departments in higher education.

CWC 11: Doug Haslam on Social Identity Theft

Doug Haslam of Stone Temple Consulting discusses his firsthand experience with social identity theft.

CWC 10: Neville Hobson on AI and Machine Learning in PR

Neville Hobson talks about the role artificial intelligence and machine learning will have in the public relations industry.


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