Work with Chip

I\’m fortunate to work with a lot of interesting clients and talented colleagues. As a serial entrepreneur, I\’m involved with several companies at the intersection of business, technology, and communications.

I\’d love to find a way to work with you. Hopefully, the company descriptions below will steer our conversation in the right direction to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

Media Intelligence

I currently serve as the Chief Operating Officer of CARMA, a global media intelligence company. We help organizations gain actionable insights by monitoring and measuring their media coverage. Utilizing a combination of proprietary software with expert human analysis, we cut through the noise and distill volumes of information into a manageable combination of custom reports and real-time dashboards.

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Digital + Content Marketing

I co-founded Franeo to help organizations communicate more effectively using digital tools and techniques. Whether an organization needs assistance with content marketing, social media outreach, website management, email communications, or custom application development, Franeo stands ready to assist. From strategic advice to daily management, the experienced team calibrates each solution to the client\’s needs.

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The pressure to “feed the beast” and generate content for digital and traditional communications continues to grow. That\’s why I built a network of talented content creators to establish Harbor Light Writers Group. With backgrounds in writing for public officials, corporate executives, and leading publications, these individuals help craft unique, quality content for websites, newsletters, op-eds, marketing materials, and more.

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Agency Advisor

After starting as a junior account executive and eventually building my own agency, I have learned what works — and, just as importantly, what doesn\’t. Through theĀ Agency Leadership Hub, I share that knowledge with other owners and executive leaders at communications agencies to help them adapt their businesses for modern challenges. By combining my entrepreneurial spirit, digital know-how, and communications experience, I show agencies how to generate more revenue, increase efficiency, and improve profitability.

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