What Happened to Hope?

It seems that Hope really is just a town in Arkansas. It would be imprudent to suggest that President Obama make everything seem like it is coming up roses. Clearly, it is not. But it would be reassuring for him to deploy his considerable oratorical skills to paint a picture of hope and optimism instead of extolling the politics of gloom and doom.

My First Boss

Marshall Cobleigh was an old-fashioned New Hampshire pol who had held many posts in that state, including Speaker of the House and governor’s chief of staff. On one occasion, he famously ran for Congress while touring the state with a pound of hamburger in an effort to highlight the substance of his economic message during the trying times of the late 1970’s.

A New Era Dawns

Today at noon, Barack Obama will take the oath of office. He ushers in what is unquestionably a new era in American politics. For many, he instills a new sense of hope. For others, that optimism is tempered to varying degrees by concern over the policies he will implement.

Take Risks, Be Rewarded

The current challenging economic environment creates opportunities for the savvy and brave entrepreneur or investor. When many may find themselves hunkering down in an attempt to simply weather the storm, those with the appropriate vision and fortitude will take advantage of this mass hesitancy to get a jump on valuable opportunities.

Charlie’s Century

The death of a little girl with cancer creates a sense of tragedy among even those who do not know her. The passing of a middle-aged man by a sudden heart attack reverberates with anyone over thirty. But when a centenarian dies peacefully in his sleep, only those who knew him take notice.

October Baseball

As the morning dew gives way to morning frost and the leaves begin to change colors, it can mean only one thing: October baseball. As a committed Red Sox fan, it’s something that for most of my life I looked forward to with a mixture of excitement, trepidation, and downright fear. It’s different now that the “Curse” has been broken – twice – but it’s still exciting and at times nerve-wracking.