Information for Podcast Guests

The Chats with Chip Podcast is an informal discussion that is recorded in a live-to-tape format.

There is no set list of questions. It is a conversation between Chip and the guest that follows its own path. There may or may not be a general topic theme established in advance. The idea is to record a “normal” conversation that might occur even without a microphone being present.

Each recording lasts about 20-25 minutes, but guests are advised to set aside 45 minutes for the whole process.

The recording usually takes place via Zencastr and a custom link is provided to the guest shortly before the scheduled time. In the event of any technical difficulties, the recording can fall back to a Skype recording or (as a last resort) a good telephone connection, if available.

The guest should plan to be in a good location to record. That includes finding a quiet place, turning off cell phone ringers or other devices that might interrupt the recording.

You should have a strong Internet connection. It can be wireless, but it is generally better not to be on public wifi since the quality can be spotty.

No fancy technology is required. Microphone: Zencastr can use a computer’s built-in microphone, though an external one will provide better quality. Headphones: Please do use earbuds or headphones and not your computer’s built-in speaker. That will improve sound quality and avoid unwanted feedback.

The show is lightly edited, primarily for sound quality. Otherwise, it is presented exactly as it was recorded.

Chats with Chip episodes are generally published on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is published at and syndicated to the FIR Podcast Network. Guests will receive a link to the show and are encouraged to share with their own networks.

More questions? Email Chip at [email protected].