When Headlines Go Wrong

I wrote a post this morning focusing on some new features of CustomScoop that I have been finding of great value to my personal efforts to monitor and understand conversations online. They saved me time, made me more efficient, and hopefully will make me more effective in what I do. But what most people reacted to first was the headline of the post.

They Do It Because It Works

I suspect we would all agree that spam — especially the email variety we are most familiar with — is “bad.” Yet it obviously works, otherwise the spammers would be out of business. For the life of me, I cannot imagine who would spend money after reading some of these absolutely ridiculous emails I find in my spam folder. In fact, anyone who sends money to some overseas web site in exchange for some of the odd potions and elixirs that are advertised deserve pretty much whatever they get.
But what about sponsored Tweets?


How Habits Change and What it Means to Entrepreneurs

Harry Balzer in today’s New York Times said: “A hundred years ago, chicken for dinner meant going out and catching, killing, plucking and gutting a chicken. Do you know anybody who still does that? It would be considered crazy! Well, that’s exactly how cooking will seem to your grandchildren: something people used to do when they had no other choice. Get over it.”

Choosing the Right Media Monitoring and Analysis Solution

Not surprisingly, I am often asked about the best solution for meeting someone’s media monitoring and analysis needs. Of course, I am very biased in favor of CustomScoop, but I also recognize that some solutions may be better fits for certain individuals, organizations, and needs. That’s why I wrote a white paper on the subject. In it, I try to address some of the questions and dilemmas I most often see