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Sometimes it’s a good idea to eat one’s own dog food. Or so they say. I often complain that folks overlook the power of email as an effective tool for communications and idea-sharing. Sure, blogs are great. RSS feeds are useful. And automated emails alerting to new blog posts are simple enough to set up.

But more personal email communications also have real value. That’s where Letters from Chip comes in. It wasn’t that long ago that I opined on the disappearance of letters from the communications toolbox, and while I was referring mostly to the handwritten variety, thoughtful electronic letters have a place, too.

Letters from Chip will be precisely what it sounds like. I will periodically send a letter to subscribers with what’s on my mind — perhaps a few times a month. This won’t be like those holiday card letters you get once a year, though I may touch on similar topics from time to time. And it’s not going to be a direct mail piece urging you to buy this or that.

I’m not going to get all fancy and lard it up with graphics and elaborate design. The focus will be purely on communicating my thoughts in electronic writing.

The only way to get the content of these letters is to get them by email. I won’t be posting them here on the blog or anywhere else. That’s not the way I’m choosing to use them.

I expect these Letters from Chip will have some value. I’m not nearly arrogant enough to think that they’ll be devoured and distributed like some social media luminaries have done with their own email. But I’m confident enough that they will offer something useful to my readers to head down this path.

The letters will focus on the challenges I face, the solutions I’ve come across, and the ideas I have. They will blend a bit of the personal that I might not share publicly on my blog. They will be short and to the point.

I think you will enjoy these letters. If I have stirred your curiosity, I’d encourage you to sign up for Letters from Chip. You can unsubscribe very easily at any time if I don’t meet your expectations.

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