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Julie Germany on SxSW and Geek Politics

Julie Germany
Julie Germany will be discussing online politics at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX this coming weekend

My colleague, Julie Germany, joined me for a conversation on Disruptive Dialogue about her upcoming trip to South by Southwest where she will be speaking about online politics. As the former Director of the George Washington University Institute for Politics, Democracy, and the Internet, as well as the current Vice President of Digital Strategy at DCI Group, she is well positioned for this talk.

In this interview she addresses:

  • a sneak peek at her talk scheduled for this Sunday in Austin
  • expectations and advice for SxSW
  • views on the importance of geeks engaging in politics at all levels

This is a topic I touched on yesterday in my post “A Tech Geek’s Guide to Politics,” but you can expect a lot more detail and color in Julie’s presentation, I expect.

I plan to have Julie back for a conversation after she returns to Washington, DC to see what she took away from SxSW.

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