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I Need a Better Tripod

Full Moon Before Lunar Eclipse

I managed to get a decent photo of the full moon before the lunar eclipse tonight, but by the time the full eclipse showed itself, the moon was high enough in the sky that I couldn’t get my tripod to lock into position for a long enough exposure to get a good shot of it.

And that’s what I get for not investing in a good tripod. You can bet that will be next on my photography acquisition list. And soon because this is not the first time I haven’t gotten good results from this tripod, it is just the most disappointing.

An OK shot of the early stages of the lunar eclipse is below.

Partial Lunar Eclipse

UPDATE: For what it is worth, below is the best shot I was able to get of the full eclipse:

Lunar Eclipse

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  1. Hello from Portsmouth!
    Great pics Chip, time for my new desktop background =)
    Looks like you had a much clearer shot at the moon then we did on the Seacoast.

  2. I’ve always heard that lunar eclipses were breathtaking. Unfortunately, I have never actually experienced seeing one in its entirety. I wish I had a telescope during the last eclipse. I’m sure seeing it would be priceless. The pictures you took are great though. Even if you didn’t have the best tripod then, I thought the shots are clear enough.

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