I keep fighting the battle of bloat with my RSS feeds. And it got me to thinking about the question: if I only read one blog, what would it be? The answer came to me very quickly: Scott Karp’s Publishing 2.0.

Almost every post that Scott writes provides something to chew on — food for thought. He tends not to do a lot of the "me too" posts that other blogs all too often feature. He puts real substance into what he writes, rather than limiting himself to a few hundred glib words that merely skim the surface of a topic. He provides timely news, information, and commentary. But most importantly he offers real insight into topics that I care deeply about, and he offers new perspectives, not recycled or commonsense opinion.

As important as the content, though, is perhaps Scott’s style. He is clear and thoughtful. He eschews bombast and embraces analysis. He writes with the same care that one has come to expect from professional media. He cites sources, provides evidence, and offers accurate information.

None of this disparages any of the other great blogs out there, it just epitomizes what a good blog is, in my mind.

Now it’s your turn. What’s the one blog you couldn’t live without?