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Disruptive Dialogue to Return

My Internet radio show, Disruptive Dialogue, is coming back.  It has been on hiatus since the last episode was recorded and released on July 4.  I had put it on the shelf because of time constraints and because, although I was getting positive feedback on it, I didn’t feel it had really found the right format and didn’t differentiate enough from other podcasts (except that it was my somewhat unique point of view).

But it dawned on me today while listening to an NPR report about Jeff Jarvis’ Networked Journalism conference last week that the role for Disruptive Dialogue should be just that: a dialogue.  So I will be coming back at you with interviews and conversations (and maybe even some debate) with leading voices on the same topics that write about here.

You can expect a good bit of dialogue about the future of media, the role of social media, how entrepreneurship and content mix, and much more. 

A few other changes you can expect:

  • I’m dropping episode numbers.  I never really liked them, and I’m taking advantage of version 2 to eliminate them.  Shows will be titled, just like blog posts are, to help listeners understand what will be included.
  • No more obscure show notes.  Instead, I plan to write a brief post summarizing the conversation so that anyone who doesn’t have time to listen can still walk away with value — beyond simply the table of contents list. 
  • The term podcast is going away, as you may have noticed in the opening sentence of this post.  Disruptive Dialogue is an Internet radio program.  For many potential listeners and guests, the term podcast conjures up an unnecessarily technical view of what’s going on.  If you can click and listen to sports radio or NPR on the web, why marginalize what we do by assigning an obscure (and misleading) term to it?
  • New content will not appear on a pre-arranged timetable.  The Internet removes the necessity to confine oneself to a specific publishing schedule or length.  To do so is simply creating arbitrary rules.  Instead, new shows will come out when I have a dialogue that is worth sharing.  That may be a few times one week, and none the next. 

I have already lined up some interesting people to begin the dialogue, and I hope you will tune in.  As always, I will include updates on new shows at both my blog, Pardon the Disruption, and on the Disruptive Dialogue web site itself.

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