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Congrats to Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson

For Immediate Release podcastsTheir leading public relations industry podcast, For Immediate Release, has just struck a sponsorship agreement with Ragan Communications.  I couldn’t be more pleased for Shel and Neville and for the FIR community.

The deal includes promotion of the FIR podcast by Ragan, which makes it somewhat unique as sponsorship models go.  Hopefully this will help to expand the already considerable audience that FIR enjoys.

As a sponsor of the podcast for the past 7 months or so (hard to believe it has been that long), my own company, CustomScoop, has seen the value that this show creates.  I enjoy being a regular contributor to the show as well as a sponsor, and I look forward to Ragan’s participation in the community.

Neville writes today on his own blog about the significance:

We’ve said it before many times – FIR is all about community.

Since we began FIR in January 2005, we have made listeners a constituent element of each H&H Report. Our network of correspondents – Lee Hopkins in Australia; Dan York in Vermont, USA; David Phillips in the UK; and occasionally, Eric Schwartzman in Los Angeles and Sallie Goetsch in the SF Bay area – are constituent elements of what FIR is.

We see our sponsors as constituent elements of the community, too. Now Ragan joins our current sponsor CustomScoop whose CEO Chip Griffin personifies what sponsor-as-community-member really is all about with the Media Monitoring Minute segment in each show.

Kudos to Shel and Neville for creating such a valuable resource for the PR and marketing community interested in the intersection of technology and communications. 

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