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A Flurry of Posts Are Coming. Here’s Why.

This has been an especially hectic week for me as I have been on the road for business since Tuesday.  Now, that’s not all that uncommon for me as regular readers will know.  I am on the road almost every week for 3 days or so.  But this week I had to combine my business activities in Washington, DC with my responsibilities as part of the American University School of Public Affairs Advisory Council.  I found myself shuttling between downtown DC and the AU campus on 3 consecutive days, which for those of you familiar with the city will understand is not a quick, easy trip.

The Council is a great group — this was my first meeting — with a lot of diversity in background, experience, and views.  I hope to be able to continue to contribute to the efforts that Dean Bill LeoGrande and his team at SPA are making and to work with the broader American University community in general. 

In any event, I have gotten caught up now on my reading, and I have a bunch of topics I want to address.  I’m going to try to hit on as many as I can before the Red Sox-Yankees game begins.

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