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WebInno11: Demos from Virtual Ubiquity, Cardvio, and MyDesignIn

I was going to do this great write-up about WebInno11 that took place in Cambridge, MA last night.  Unfortunately, my new friend John hit the key points I would have addressed.  And in the comments on his post, Virtual Ubiquity even addressed my biggest concern about their web-based word processor — the challenge with offline editing.  And I give David Colletta of that company particular credit for disclosing in the comments that they lost Internet access during their presentation which underscored the need for them to develop solid offline editing capability.

So yet again today I find myself pointing to someone else’s post rather than writing my own.

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  1. Hey Chip, thanks for the plug! I got the scoop! Sorry but I’m not hitting any more social media events this week… Here’s to next week!

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