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Advocacy Ad Agency Launched

An intriguing press release crossed the wire recently:

Next Generation Advertising, LLC, a
new, non-traditional advertising company, has opened its doors.  The company,
based in the nation’s capital, will be one of the first to produce online
"virtual" public policy campaigns.  The firm is founded by former ABC and Fox
News Producer Richard Pollock …

The company also will apply video, audio and animation to traditional fields where rich media has not been considered, such as investor relations, advocacy, fundraising and membership relations.

Now, I don’t know Mr. Pollock, but I’m sure he’s a very capabale indivudal.  The team he has put together sounds impressive.  But there’s a large disconnect between what’s in the release and what the company’s web site describes.  The web site does little to emphasy the advocacy nature of the business — hopefully that’s just an oversight because the idea behind the company is intriguing. 

It will be interesting to see if such a narrowly focused approach is a sustainable business model.

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